Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove meets David Murray the cyclist and Clarence Ormsby the singer with Janet Ormsby the roadie. In 2012 David Murray road his bike around Australia and raised $16,000.
Global Campaign - Sing For Kids
Clarence does a talk on the evils of Agent Orange sprayed in the Vietnam War followed by a concert for Kyogle war widows NSW 2014.
2014 - 2018 ANZAC tour
Choppers were used to spray toxic Dioxin on the work and living environment of  military and civilian citizens during the Vietnam War.
Clarence sometimes has bad days and is forced to use a respirator before singing.
Clarence organises Humanitarian Certificates of appreciation to Dee Why RSL club and sub branch including a Humanitarium Trophy to David Murray for raising $16,000 for Agent Orange and mine victims.
Clarence and Janet Ormsby  reunite their wedding vows after 30 years of marriage and Clari dedicates the song My Woman My Woman My Wife.
Clarence shares his Top Hat and Ukulele with Alien friends on stage.
Clarence sings for Australian war widows at Furlough House then meets the wife and daughter of comedian Buster Fidess who entertained ANZAC troops in the Vietnam War.
Planes Terrorising Vietnamese soil with toxic Dioxin Agent Orange chemicals which would have affected entertainers and other civilians who were not trained for chemical warfare.
You are listening to one of four special tracks on this CD. Dedicated to friends of Clarence Ormsby who were alongside him during the Vietnam conflict. Beautifully spoken, sung and recorded and downloadable or  from Clari's Store.
ANZAC Vietnam veterans give a talk at The Gums Public school outback Queensland. During outbreak of World War One many men walked of outback cattle stations to serve God, King and Country.